Sunday, 5 February 2017



Aberlour A'bunadh

 Speyside cake.

ABV: 59%

Colour: Amontillado Sherry

If you like fruit cake, chocolate pot, creme brulee, marshmallow, banana mousses, pecan pie, apple strudel, Christmas cake, marzipan, toffee fudge sprinkled with icing sugar. YOU WILL like this gem of a scotch.
The flavors are so intense and layered, making this whiskey a fun experiment where you can add little bit of water each time to see just how the complexity of its flavors unfold. It also has a lovely rum tone to its noise, amazing
I have recently been venturing outside my peat scotch comfort zone, just tried acquired the Glenfarclas 15y, Glendronach 15y revival and the A'bunadh. A'bunadh came out top by a country mile. Dont get me wrong, the other two are just gorgeous, but I loved the FULL BODY A'bunadh just that much more.

Aberlour 10 Year Old

Aberlour 10- Good and Simple

My friend got me a bottle of Aberlour 10 year old as a gift, and so far I like it more than Macallan 12 year old. Nose: Cinnamon, dark fruits, vanilla, a touch of chocolate Palate: Cinnamon, apricots, peaches, vanilla, chocolate Finish: Vanilla, dark fruits, spice Good whisky the only way I can put it, while I would not say it is fantastic i do enjoy it.

Arran 10 Year Old

This is the entry level Arran single malt. Launched in 2006, it is matured in about 70% second-fill sherry casks, with the remaining 30% split between bourbon and first-fill sherry casks.
The colour is a light honey. On the nose, banana seems to be the dominant note. Malty, slightly herbal, Mackintosh toffee and lemon pith. Water opens the malt up nicely. Very clean and fresh.
On the palate, very bright and young with more citrus notes, vanilla, tropical fruits and spice (cumin?). Some sour apple adds a bit of tang. Water ups the spice a little. Again, very fresh and sprightly. 
The finish has both depth and elegance, with lingering vanilla and toffee. Spicy and fruity. This is a lovely everyday malt. It could use a bit more body and complexity, but like everything I've had from this distillery, it is well worth

Did you know that Johnnie Walker Red Label did not have a visible age statement and colour on the label?