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Tuesday 25 July 2023



What do you say about a liquor store that claims to be the swankiest in the country stocking over 1500 brands? You are wasting everybody’s time if you don’t have an outlet in Gurgaon, Haryana! That’s what! Wake up, Tonique…

Tonique offers a completely air-conditioned ambience wafting with specialised perfume flowing across the store. Buying your favourite brand here is an experience that is hard to replicate anywhere in Asia, claims Tonique. Well, well!

Living up to its reputation as Asia’s biggest liquor store sprawling across two floors, Tonique is located in the centre of Bengaluru, majestically housed at MG Road, near Cubbon Parkside. The high point is that it is located in what is grandly known as the ‘Jewels de Paragon’ building! Apparently, they stock over 1,500 brands of alcohol from across the globe and match it with grand service. But the customer is more interested in the price point!

Tonique operates under two brand names: Tonique & Q by Tonique. Under Tonique there is one store apiece in Hyderabad and Pune & three in Bengaluru. Under Q by Tonique, there are seven stores in Hyderabad.

They began operations in December 2016 with the first outlet opening up in Hyderabad. They started their Bengaluru operations in June 2019 and the customers on seeing their Bengaluru store were amazed that a liquor store could be of such size. It has a completely air-conditioned ambience, punctuated with specialised perfume flowing across the store. The outlet has a dedicated parking complete with security guards, bouncers, and also lady guards.

Brands & Demand

The plethora of brands available with the corporation depot includes globally renowned players like Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Glenlivet, Johnnie Walker, Chivas and Royal Salute among others. You may also be tempted to pick up rare gems like Ricard Hennessy, Louis XIII, Dom Rose and Krug. They were probably the first retail liquor player in South India to list Sakes & Soju on the shelves and Champagnes from 200 ml to 9000 ml in size at one point of time.

Based on the sales pattern the brands in demand at the much-talked-about huge Tonique store in Bengaluru can be categorised under whisky, gin and vodka in the spirits section. Of course, wines too are in demand at the store and beer comprises their largest sales volume segment. Of late, hard seltzers and gin-based RTDs also have picked up in demand.

On the need to maintain price parity with neighbouring states and its impact on sales, Tonique claims that the tax structure in Karnataka for spirits and beers is one of the highest in the country. All the more reason to move three or four outlets to duty-friendly Haryana, favouring a huge impact on sales due to the low pricing while at the same time showing that neighbouring states like Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh suffer scarcity in the availability of some of the alcobev brands.

It goes without saying that customer service is the essence of a top-notch liquor retail brand like Tonique. Their staff comes with a hotel management background and their wine floor is controlled by personnel who at least possess a Wset 2 qualification. They also organise regular training sessions for the floor staff. To provide ease of service to lady customers, their outlet in Bengaluru has Lady Guest Relation Executives (GREs) to give them personal attention. Another thoughtful and sensitive gesture they offer at the outlet is providing wheelchairs and customised assistance to senior citizens who may need it.

Customer Profile

As for the customer profile of the above-mentioned Tonique store in Bengaluru, it includes consumers from almost all walks of life and largely encompasses people who really love their drinks. As for the ratio of women shoppers at the store, GLN says the ratio is 60 per cent men and 40 per cent women. On weekends, one can see the rare sight of the entire family walking in together – like the couple with parents and children. For women, when the need arises, the store operates separate billing counters and is attended to by the lady GRE.

With regard to change in consumer behaviour in the post-Covid era, GLN says that their customers generally have upgraded to the next segment and also drinking at home has increased. As for payment modes, Tonique accepts all credit cards, including international cards & Amex cards too. UPI payments are also widely accepted. The only two negatives one could say is that there is no home delivery system since the state doesn’t allow it and second, the steep tax structure has a major adverse impact. But these two disincentives don’t serve as deterrents as shopping at Tonique is a global experience, with a personal touch.

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 Glenmorangie Launches Delicious Design Project

The Delicious Design Project - Glenmorangie has teamed up with Indian-American artist extraordinaire Karsh Kale to launch a digital art X music experience that re-imagines the technicolour world of India and takes audiences to a journey of awe and wonder across all touchpoints.

Have you ever thought about food as art? How about mixology? The overlap between mediums to create unique experiences is a space that artists around the world are trying to explore. And with the launch of the Delicious Design Project, it’s made a splash in India.

This whimsical project explores how Indians consume whisky and the shifting trends in the space. With bright colour blocking and traditional Indian motifs, it reflects the soul of India. Through the three flowing movements, it juxtaposes old-world luxury with modern-day trends to encapsulate how people like to drink.

The narrative of the last few years has been around romanticising life. Taking time to enjoy the little things and slowing down the world’s frenetic pace to truly savour the act of being alive. This experience is reflected in Glenmorangie’s The Delicious Design Project. This luxury single malt brand from the house of Mo√ęt Hennessy India is amalgamating art and music with India’s favourite spirit as the backdrop.

The luxury single malt distiller is now dazzling audiences as it amalgamates art and music with The Delicious Design Project. Indian-American musician Karsh Kale features in it as the exclusive ‘Wondermaker’, teaming with artist Nikunj Patel of Studio Moebius to create an immersive long-form digital art series. In its pursuit to bring luxury moments of consumption through elevated localized experiences, this whimsical art & music series sets up 3 such fantastical moments of brand enjoyment titled Khuld, Raas and Shararat.

With the venue transformed into an “orangie” arthouse, the 3 immersive art pieces were launched with a high-octane event in Mumbai replete with fascinating installations, live rituals and a dramatic performance by the artists themselves in true Glenmorangie style. While Khuld involves viewers to enjoy lingering boat rides with friends in pristine lakes or soak in the breath-taking beauty of valleys laden with bright flowers, Raas takes them on a journey of merriment, opulent celebrations and dance in palatial courtyards. Shararat on the other hand celebrates urban party experiences made delicious with dancing skylines & giant giraffes.

The artistes believe working on The Delicious Design Project has been an outstanding experience. Right from its inception, it moved them to curate unparalleled experiences in the art, music and spirits space to unleash the magic for all consumers to indulge in.

Glenmorangie as a future-forward brand is always looking to create meaningful experiences, and The Delicious Design Project is one such initiative that will appeal to consumers and establish a deeper connect with the brand. Tapping into India’s cultural nuances, the campaign will unleash the quirky side of the single malt, the beats of Karsh Kale and the canvas of Nikunj Patel, thereby creating newer avenues of interacting with consumers who appreciate the wonderful and delicious experiences in life.


It all ties back to the occasionality of consumption. A lot of it comes from what is heard from consumers in India. At bars people are drinking a larger variety of cocktails irrespective of the spirit that’s in it, it’s based more on the appeal, the bartender's recommendation and the credibility of the place, based on this even non-whisky drinkers might try a whisky. To reflect that one of the scenarios shows a rooftop party in a city environment to show how the current conversation is going around cocktails.

The second scenario is a luxury, beautiful outdoor setting that evokes the heritage of India. Think of a Haveli in Rajasthan or a beautiful old bungalow in Kolkata. The aim is to go for an environment that’s immersed in luxury and classic hospitality; to replicate that joy of sipping on a single malt while gazing out over a lake and enjoying a holiday where you can get away from your usual very tense, busy days. So when you do make time for yourself, how can you find that solitude and enjoy a drink?

The third scenario went into a more natural space with a cabana where you’re enjoying intimate moments with friends or loved ones, and how you discern what you’re drinking then. Is it a celebratory cocktail or a neat single malt over quiet conversations? We see a lot of Indians travelling more and they’re choosing more luxurious places when they do, both in and out of India. They’re also hosting a lot more at home; the third scenario reflects that diversity.

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Saturday 22 July 2023



Glenfiddich has released Grand Yozakura, a limited edition single malt Scotch which “pays homage to Japanese culture”, as part of its grand series of whiskies.

It’s delicate, distinctive and just like Yozakura, once experienced, is never forgotten. Yozakura, ‘cherry blossom viewing at night’ in Japanese, is the magical moment of fleeting beauty when Japanese cherry blossoms are admired and celebrated under moonlight. A limited-edition release 45.1% ABV single malt that is housed in an elegant whisky box with Sakura imagery, and a Hanko stamp engraved bespoke stopper, a cloth capsule with a poem that are included for a complete gifting experience.

The 29-year-old single malt is finished in rare ex-Awamori casks and is intended as a limited-edition fusion “celebrating the finest flavours from Scotland and Japan”, according to the William Grant & Sons-owned distillery.

It is matured at the company’s distillery in Dufftown, and finished in oak casks which have previously matured the oldest alcoholic spirit in Japan, Awamori. Glenfiddich says the end result is a “finish unlike any other” and is in line with the other experimental and innovative single malts that make up the firm’s grand series.

Awamori is made using long-grain indica rice and traditionally stored in clay pots and matured in oak casks, with claims the technique for making the spirit has not been altered in more than 500 years. Only a small proportion of Awamori is aged in oak casks, which makes them exceptionally rare, the distillery said.

Grande Yozakura also celebrates Hanami – the “cherry blossom festival” – where Japan appreciates the trees at night in what is known as the Yozakura or ‘night sakura’.

The packaging of the whisky was created by Japanese artist June who creates visions incorporating Japanese culture and landscapes and includes a bespoke topper and traditional poem.

Glenfiddich malt master, Brian Kinsman, said the distillery was “always looking to experiment with new finishes” and when it had the chance to acquire the ex-Awamori casks, it saw an opportunity.

He said: “This is the first time that single malt Scotch whisky has been finished in these rare casks. We always learn something new when we lead with innovation so taking a risk is worth it, and in the case of Awamori we trialled a very small number of casks at a younger age first.”

Claudia Falcone, Glenfiddich's global brand director, added that the grand series underpins Glenfiddich’s “spirit of innovation,” as perhaps the most ground-breaking expression to sit alongside the series so far, whilst also being the first limited edition release. Bringing together two scarce components accentuates the anticipation and sense of occasion, paying homage to the brand’s innovative nature when it comes to creating dynamic whiskies of the highest quality.

Glenfiddich & Artist Yixin Zeng Create Perfect Lunar New Year Gift For Loved Ones

Welcome Good Fortune this Lunar New Year with Glenfiddich's 2023 Limited Edition Gift Packs

It takes a series of incredible journeys to create a truly extraordinary Chinese New Year. As loved ones gather from near and far during this year’s festive season, Glenfiddich has created a collection of special packs to commemorate the occasion and gift to friends and family as the perfect symbolic present.

Glenfiddich has collaborated with award-winning Chinese illustrator, Yixin Zeng, to design five exquisite gift packs. The design features the iconic Glenfiddich stag (Fu Lu) which represents wealth, prosperity and longevity in Chinese culture. On pack, the magnificent stag takes centre stage amidst a fantastically scene rich with texture, vibrant festive pattern and colourful elements surrounding its antlers.

There is no better time of the year than the festive season to celebrate with your loved ones and shower them with thoughtful gifts. Though the year is coming to an end, the festivities don’t have to.

If your Chinese New Year preparations —red envelopes, oranges, and nian gaos — are underway, consider adding some whisky to your CNY prep. Toasting with whisky while sharing stories is a great way for friends and family to indulge on a special occasion, and who better than Glenfiddich to know what a good whisky can do to keep the vibes going in a cross-generational family gathering?

A Gift For Extraordinary Journeys

To celebrate the getting together of family and friends from near and far, Glenfiddich has launched a line of Chinese New Year gift packs under the concept of the ‘Journey to Extraordinary.’ Each gift pack’s design features the label’s iconic royal stag reinterpreted by Chinese illustrator Yixin Zeng as the Fu Lu – Chinese for lucky deer, a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and longevity in Chinese culture. Surrounded by a dreamy and fantastical landscape of textures and patterns, the royal stag takes centre stage with its colourful and vibrant antlers.

Since Glenfiddich created the single malt category in 1963, they’ve always pushed the boundaries of crafting the most exceptional spirits while remaining authentic and genuine. With its reputation as the world’s most awarded single malt scotch whisky, Glenfiddich will bring your loved ones an unforgettable whisky experience along with blessings of abundance with these exceptional limited-edition gift packs.

Each set comes with a bottle of Glenfiddich’s signature Scotch whisky and is available in four expressions of the label’s bestsellers: the 12-Year-Old, the 15 Year Old, the 18 Year Old, and the Reserva Rum Cask 21-Year-Old.

Make It Personal

Besides gifting your loved ones with beautifully designed gift packs and some exceptional single malt whiskies, you can make it extra personal and take them on a real-life Journey to the Extraordinary by visiting Glenfiddich’s pop-up store. Explore the dream-like land of the Fu Lu where you can experience a whisky tasting session and personalise your Glenfiddich label to make your gift recipient feel extra special. A gift-wrapping service will also be available on-site.

Glenfiddich Gran Cortes XXII 43% ABV 70 Cl

This Glenfiddich Gran Cortes XXII is a brand-new, innovative single malt from Glenfiddich. The recently released whisky follows on from the epic Grand Cru 23-Year-Old, and it does so in real style.

Finished in rare Spanish Palo Cortado Sherry Casks, it brings a wealth of rich and fruity notes to the table, all backed up by a delicate, perfectly balanced array of spices.

The nose begins with notes of warming sherry spices and dried fruit. There is a lovely sweetness to it, with caramel and vanilla coming through. Sweet nuts and notes of citrus fruits.

The palate is full of oak wood and more sweet notes of vanilla. Sherry comes through really well and has an almost Christmas cake-like flavour. There is a hint of char and lots of dried fruit. Almonds and oranges give it a lovely richness.

The finish is sweet and warming, with lots of sherry and oak.

This is a wonderful addition to the Grand Series that really explores the Speyside flavour profile with big notes of sherry. It will be a treat to see what comes next!

It’s a truly wonderful dram that showcases everything you would expect from a 22-Year-Old Glenfiddich and then some and comes packaged in a beautiful sherry-red box that doubles as a display case.

The name of this expression means grand palaces, in celebration of Spanish royal courts, since it has been matured in specially selected Andalucian Palo Cortado sherry casks. It is exclusively available to customers in China and Taiwan. This one is difficult to find online and quantities are highly limited, so act fast to get your hands on a bottle.

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